The Lost Hegemon: Whom the gods would destroy


William Engdahl’s latest book THE LOST HEGEMON: WHOM THE GODS WOULD DESTROY is an excellent geopolitical analysis of the relationship between jihadism and the Anglo-American power and its consequences for world politics. In a well-documented, inexorable analysis the author uncovers the character, scope and limits of this relationship. This analysis is absolutely necessary reading stuff for all those interested in the today’s confusing international politics which is dominated by the “war against terror”. Engdahl convincingly demonstrates that the Mujahedeen led by the young Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan fighting the Soviets started out as a CIA-project and offered the model of jihadist projects later on. The US after creating the jihadist organization in Afghanistan created a tool that can be used in the global power game that is perceived to be dominated by the dialectics in the sense of Hegel. Engdahl carefully documents that along the so-called “Arc of Crisis” the jihadist forces cause death and destabilization. In the pattern elaborated in much detail the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks receive deeper insight and understanding.


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