Welcome To Dark Fringe Radio


Welcome to Dark Fringe Radio where we discuss and explore non main stream media thoughts, beliefs and theories from the conspiratorial, to the paranormal to subterranean inner earth aliens and everything in between. As your host I wanted to take a moment to thank the people who supported me and engaged me to embark upon this adventure and the ones who also encouraged and motivated to see my idea and outlet come to fruition.  My goal is to provide the audience with as much information as possible about any certain topic while maintaining a level of integrity and professionalism without slant or bias.  With that being said we are at our infancy here at Dark Fringe Radio and I must rely on you the listeners to provide me with any and all feedback, guest/show suggestions to help me to present to you the highest quality show possible and to provide content that you enjoy.   Currently we are in the process of establishing our social media outlets and preparing our first episode which is slated to be ready within the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime we will be providing content and editorials on this site and also provide updates on show topics and guests.  So hold on and sit tight as we venture on this winding road of alternative insight and higher enlightenment and learn about ourselves and this crazy universe we know so little about….



Will Martinez


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