Dark Fringe Radio Episode #61 Your Tales of Horror

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“Your Tales Of Horror”

This week on Friday the 13th we are telling your scary stories that were submitted by you the listeners, and of course we recall some of our own tales of horror!!! You can go to Darkfringeradio.wordpress.com for all the links to your popular podcasting outlets!!!


Dark Fringe Radio Episode #58 Interview With Emily Menshouse Stakely

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Interview With Emily Menshouse Stakely

This week our guest is Ms. Emily Menshouse Stakely who is the founder of Frick and Frack Paranormal and W.T. Frick Facebook Live and Podcast. We discuss what got her into the paranormal, some of the most interesting investigations she’s been apart of and so much more!!  Make sure to like, follow and share!!!

Follow Her On:  www.wtflive.org

Dark Fringe Radio Episode #57 The Dark Side of “Big Pharma”

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The Dark Side of “Big Pharma”

This week we discuss the treacherous dark side of “Big Pharma” who are they, what they are all about, and how they are making money off treatments not cures. Of course don’t forget the mailbag, “Will You Tell Me”, and “What to Watch”. Go to www.Darkfringeradio.wordpress.com to listen!! LIKE, FOLLOW, AND SHARE!!! #truth #prescriptiondrugs#bigpharma #profit #roi #treatment #nocures #opioidcrisis #lawsuits#judgement #wrongfuldeath #sideeffects #risingcost #corruption #fda#darkfringeradio


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Dark Fringe Radio Episode #56 Interview With Dan Willis From The Disclosure Project

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Interview With Mr. Dan Willis From The Disclosure Project/Thewebmatrix.net

This week we introduce our guest Mr. Dan Willis who was one of the Disclosure Project’s top secret military witnesses that testified in front of the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2001. We discuss the Disclosure Project, reverse engineering, reality matrix, his personal experiences and so much more!!! Make sure to follow all of Dan’s work at his site below!!


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Dark Fringe Radio Ep #55 Interview with Steve DiSchiavi from “The Dead Files”


Interview With Steve DiSchiavi From Travel Channels “The Dead Files”

Devoting more than 21 years of active service to the New York City Police Department, retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi now lends his expertise to Travel Channel’s series, “The Dead Files.” Based on the premise that every property has a story to be told, DiSchiavi combines his skills alongside medium Amy Allan, to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America. 
In “The Dead Files,” DiSchiavi relies on his police training and experience to explore the facts behind each property – questioning the owners about the building’s history, interviewing local historians and experts, and tracking down any previous owners of the property in question. When DiSchiavi and Allan come together at the end to share their findings with each homeowner, the parallels between their discoveries are powerfully revealed in each shocking conclusion. 
Following his retirement from the NYPD, DiSchiavi worked as a Senior Investigator of Merrill Lynch’s Fraud Department as well as a Special Investigator for the city of New York. He runs his own private investigating company in Florida and is also a licensed Armed Guard. This week we discuss his background, how the show started, some of his unbelievable experiences, his feelings about the paranormal and so much more!! You can catch the new season of “The Dead Files” new season premiering on the Travel Channel July 11th @ 9 P.M. EST

Welcome To Dark Fringe Radio

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Welcome to Dark Fringe Radio where in our world anything is possible.  We are a premier podcast that discusses, and questions anything and everything, including the paranormal, conspiracy theories, secret societies, extraterrestrials/ufology, and much more.  Please take a moment to immerse yourself on our site and remember we are not responsible for opening your mind, we just like to plant seeds and watch them grow!!!